Proposed Development

The proposed scheme comprises of the main building, used for the processing of aquatic species through their lifecycle and the on-site energy centre to deal with on-site energy needs. The main building will also contain offices and logistics areas. 

The site will be accessed via a new shared access point off Salvesen Road, operating a one-way system with separate access points for HGVs and cars. Designated parking areas will be provided, although several measures will be in place to encourage more sustainable transport alternatives, including walking, cycling and public transport.

The frontage to the neighbouring residential area is to be softened and enhanced by sensitive use of landscaping and building orientation. 

Site views with computer generated image of the proposal

Operational noise

An independent consultant has confirmed that noise from the proposed development will be low impact to all residential dwellings at all times. That means that the noise generated will not be noticeably louder than the current level of background noise.

Operational smells

A specialist consultant has identified 3 possible sources of odour that could be generated by the facility. All 3 will be contained within the facility.