Why New Clee?

The optimum location for a UK-based onshore aquaculture farm has the following attributes:

  1. Strong knowledge of fishing and food processing sectors close to the site.
  2. Proximity to existing food processing facilities to significantly reduce food miles for:
    1. reduced environmental impact
    2. increased freshness of seafood when delivered to processors
  1. Proximity to saline and fresh water sources.
  2. Near food waste processors.

The proposed development site at New Clee benefits from all of these elements but is recognised as being one of the most deprived areas in the UK, in need of investment in new skills and jobs. 

We recognise the benefits of the region and have every intention of delivering on our commitment to establish North East Lincolnshire as a best practice example in UK aquaculture, while providing good quality jobs, and new education and skills opportunities for local people.