Why Aquaculture?

The global demand for protein is growing

Fish, including farmed salmon, can offer a solution to meeting this increased demand. Having an onshore aquaculture farm, close to existing Grimsby-based seafood processors, can help to:

  • support UK food security by reducing reliance on overseas imports of fresh salmon 
  • while reducing the environmental impact 
  • and further supporting local jobs and the economy.

The proposal from ASL New Clee Limited for a state-of-the-art onshore aquaculture farm would support the region processing its own, local fish for the first time in decades, establishing North East Lincolnshire as the UK’s pioneer of aquaculture and reinforcing the area’s reputation as Europe’s seafood capital.

The facility would be completely enclosed in an indoor facility, providing a controlled environment designed to prevent parasites, disease and sea lice from entering the system. The system design optimises fish welfare through monitoring all elements of the lifecycle, from water and feed quality, while avoiding the introduction of hormones and antibiotics.

What is RAS?

The system that would be installed in the proposed development is a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), supplied by Aquamaof who have 30 years’ experience in this technology. In RAS, fish are grown in a controlled, safe and traceable environment, which is free from antibiotics, chemicals and hormones.